Graco Extend2fit vs Milestone : Key Differences of Two Graco’s Popular Convertible Car Seats

For convertible car seats with $150-$250 budget, you can find Graco Extend2fit (Extend to Fit) and Graco Milestone as two popular choices that you should consider. You may get confused about deciding between Graco Extend2fit and Graco Milestone as They have few similarities. To help you decide between Graco Extend2Fit and Graco Milestone, Let’s take a look at those two convertible car seats then discuss more about their key differences so that you can easily decide which of them should be the one that you should order for your kid’s convertible car seat.

What You Should Know about Graco Extend2fit?

Graco Extend2Fit

Graco Extend2Fit

Graco Extend2Fit is one of the bestselling convertible car seats from Graco this year. It’s introduced as rear-facing car seat for 4-50 pounds infant, then can be converted into forward-facing car seat for 22-65 pounds toddler. We can find Simply Safe Adjust Harness system in Graco Extend2Fit that can help you to adjust the harness and headrest as your child grows. You can find 6-position recline and 10-position headrest in Graco Extend2Fit to make the child comfortable sitting on it as They grow. To make installation simple while also secure, Graco Extend2Fit is completed with InRight Latch system. InRight Latch is completed with audio click cue to ensure the secure installation. Graco Extend2Fit comes with 4-position extension panel that provides 5-Inch extra legroom so that the child can sit rear-faced comfortably longer. Graco Extend2Fit is already side impact tested and completed with steel reinforced frame that make it safe and secure from when dealing with collision. You can also find dual cup holders in Graco Extend2Fit to give the child easy access to their favorite drinks. The seat pad of Graco Extend2Fit is machine washable so you don’t have to worry when It becomes a little dirty.

Most of the customers love their Graco Extend2Fit as Graco Extend2Fit get excellent accumulative rating. The customers said that this car seat is easy to install both in rear-facing or forward-facing mode. The customers also love the additional legroom from the additional extension panel. The customers also said that their child is comfortable sitting on this car seat. The customers also agree that this car seat is safe and secure, few customers have already proven that in their accident in which their kid is safe. Are you interested to know more about this car seat from the customers’ perspective? You should consider to read what the customers said about Graco Extend2Fit on… 

What You Should Know about Graco Milestone?

Graco Milestone

Graco Milestone

Graco Milestone is also one of the bestselling Graco’s convertible car seats. Graco Milestone is positioned as 3-in-1 car seats that can be used in 3 different modes: rear-facing infant, forward-facing toddler and high-back belt positioning booster for bigger kid. Graco Milestone can be use as rear-facing car seat for 5-40 pounds infant, then It can be converted into forward-facing car seat with five-point harness for 20-65 pounds toddler then finally switched into high-back belt positioning booster for 30-100 pounds kid. Graco Milestone is completed with Simply Safe Adjust Harness System that make it easy to adjust the harness and headrest in just one motion so that your child is always properly secured. You can also find 4-position recline in Graco Milestone that help your child comfortable as they grow. Graco Milestone is completed with steel reinforced frame and EPS Energy Absorbing Foam while It’s already side impact tested and federal crash tested so You can be sure that It’s safe to be used on your car. Graco Milestone also comes with machine-washable car seat pad that make it easy to be cleaned.

How’s the customers’ feedback about Graco Milestone? Most of the customers are satisfied with their Graco Milestone. They said that Graco Milestone is easy to install and adjust for different stages, while It’s also easy to get the baby in and out. They reported that their kid is comfortable on this car seat. The customers also said that this car seat is well made and secure. You can find out more about the customers’ experience with Graco Milestone on…

Table of Similarities & Differences

Let’s take a look at the specs and features of Graco Extend2Fit and Milestone before We can talk more about their differences. The specs and features of Graco Extend2Fit and Milestone can be found on the table below with similarities and differences format.

Graco Extend2fit Graco Milestone
Brand Graco Graco
Car Seat Type Convertible Car Seat Convertible Car Seat
Forward Facing Weight 22-65 lbs 22-65 lbs
Simply Safe Adjust Harness System YES YES
InRight Latch YES YES
Side Impact Tested YES YES
Federal Crash Tested YES YES
Steel reinforced frame YES YES
Machine Washable Seat Pad YES YES
5-Inch Extension Panel YES NO
Rear-Facing Weight 4-50 lbs 5-40 lbs
High-Back booster Weight NO 30-100 lbs
Recline Position 6 positions 4 positions
Cup Holders 2 1
Price Check Price at Check Price at

What’s Their Key Difference?

If We look at the table above, We can easily find that the key differences of Graco Extend2Fit and Milestone come from the additional extension panel on Graco Extend2Fit and additional high-back belt positioning booster in Graco Milestone. With additional extension panel, you can use Graco Extend2Fit in its rear-facing mode longer. The kid can comfortably sit in rear-facing mode until They reach 50 lbs with Graco Extend2Fit, while without any extension panel, The kid only can sit up to 40 pounds in weight. With Additional High-back booster mode in Graco Milestone, You can proceed to use the Graco Milestone after your child have graduated their forward-facing mode. Without high-back booster mode, you should purchase separate high-back booster car seat with your Graco Extend2Fit. There’s also additional difference that you can find in the recline positions and cup holders. Graco Extend2Fit comes with more positions and more cup holder. It comes with 6 recline positions with 2 cup holders, while Graco Milestone only comes with 4 recline positions and 1 cup holder.

From the price perspective, We can find that Graco Milestone is offered at the higher price than Graco Extend2Fit. The reason behind that higher price is more stages that covered by Graco Milestone. How much is their price difference? Since the price of convertible car seats fluctuate from time to time, It’s a good idea to check latest price of those two convertible car seat to know their updated price difference.

Which One Suits You Best?

From our discussion about Graco Extend2Fit and Graco Milestone, We can find that Graco Extend2Fit is better when It comes to rear-facing mode. With its additional extension panel, the kid can sit in rear-facing mode longer. As You may know, the expert recommend that the kids sitting rear-facing until They are 2 years old. The longer is the better. If you want to get your child ride rear facing longer, then Graco Extend2Fit is the car seat that you should choose as It’s completed with extension panel that make the child comfortable. But please notice you have to prepare for additional budget for their high-back booster car seat later as Graco Extend2Fit doesn’t come with high-back booster mode. Where should you order Graco Extend2Fit? You can order Graco Extend2Fit from…

Graco Milestone, in the other hand, is the choice that you can consider if you think that you child is fine to ride forward-facing when They have reached their 40 lbs weight. With Graco Milestone, you don’t have to purchase additional high-back belt positioning booster car seat for your child as It’s already completed with this mode but you have to prepare a little more budget for this car seat as it’s priced at little higher than Graco extend2fit. Where’s recommended place to order one? You should order Graco Milestone from…

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